Working across the North West, Severn Valley and South West, we’re experts in creating quality homes and thriving communities.

Land opportunities

If you have land to sell, we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s land with planning permission, or suitable for planning, or a more strategic plot that needs more support from our teams, we know what we’re doing when it comes to transforming your land responsibly.

When you sell your land to us, getting a good deal is only part of the reason to choose us. Working across the North West, Severn Valley and South West, we know how to get the most from brownfield and greenfield sites. It’s down to our balanced approach to both the land and the people involved in it.

As a responsible builder, we want to use your land to build quality homes that benefit the communities they’re in. And we consider what’s best for you, our homeowners and the local authorities at every step.


Dedicated regional land departments 


Our teams have a professional, flexible and proactive approach that’s never formulaic when we’re dealing with you. Combine that with land, planning and technical knowledge. We’ve got everything you need to transform your land responsibly through the Local Plan process or planning application.


Are you selling short-term land?


What we want 

Land with planning permission, a planning application in the system or a site that’s suitable for planning without needing to be promoted through a Local Plan. We usually want sites with potential for at least 40 homes, but we are flexible. So if your land is different, we still want to talk.

What you can expect 

You give us as much information as possible, and we’ll make you an offer to buy your land. If you can’t give us all the technical information now, we may amend your offer later. How quickly we can complete your land sale depends on how much information we have and how far through the planning system you are.


Are you selling strategic land?


What we want 

Land that either needs to be promoted by a Local Plan or will need a planning application in the future. 

What you can expect 

First up, we’ll pay to promote your land for development through the planning process. You can still use your land and we’ll cover the costs. Then when you get planning permission, we’ll make you an offer that’s based on you having land with planning consent. 


Let’s talk 


If you’d like to talk to us about selling your land, please email your local Land Director:

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