4 top tips on how to find your dream home

So, what’s your dream home? Do you long for a sprawling family home with great access to the countryside or a cosy townhouse with lots of amenities on your doorstep? Is a strong community feel the most important thing to you, or is the solace of a large garden number one on your must-have list? 
Whatever your wish-list, the home of your dreams could be closer than you think.


Unfortunately, very few dreams come for free and when it comes to your home, you'll need the deposit in place to secure the home of your dreams.

Whether you’re starting to save hard for your deposit, already have most or all of the funds in place or have come into some money – it’s so important for you to be in good financial shape for any upcoming financial assessments for your mortgage. Pay off your debts where possible and spend wisely. 

DREAM HOME TIP #1: Get yourself a good mortgage and financial advisor

Having someone qualified in your corner will help you understand what you can afford and will advise on the best possible way to get there. They’ll help you get your finances in good shape and will work on your behalf to get the best deal on your mortgage. They’ll also assist you with a mortgage in principle, which will help you when it comes to viewing homes and putting in an offer. 

But remember, it isn't just your mortgage you need to consider when thinking about finances. Don't forget about all the other costs associated with moving into a new home, selling your current home, as well as paying your bills and furnishing it.


Yes, we all want to dream big, but it’s so important to be realistic at this stage. There really is a difference between turning your dreams into reality and having your head in the clouds. 
So, set a sensible budget for what you can really afford. Stick to it and only view properties that fit within this budget. You’ll soon realise that the home of your dreams will likely be something that you can actually afford. Viewing “dream” properties out of your price range won’t help with realistic goal setting. 

DREAM HOME TIP #2: Write down your essentials good-to-haves and can do withouts

Once you know your budget, it’s important to understand what you can actually get for your money, and where you may have to compromise. If you have a realistic vision of what your potential dream house could entail, you can get down to the business of finding it. 


There’s little point in creating your dream home in the wrong area for you and your family. If you don’t like where your house is, the dream will quickly turn to a nightmare. A significant part of being happy at home is loving the place you’re in, so finding the right neighbourhood is a crucial early step in achieving your dream home. 
Whether your happy place is in the city centre, a suburban heartland, surrounded by open countryside or on the coast, it’s wise to think carefully about where you want to live for the next five to ten years at least. 

DREAM HOME TIP #3: Location, location, location

It’s just as important as the old saying goes, and if you find a location you’re happy in, your dreams could come true. If you know the place already, great. If you’re looking at new locations, spend some time there to get a feel for the area – go for a coffee, have a meal out and head to any local attractions. You can’t always get a feel for somewhere on paper or online, you need to experience it.  


Many people think they need to build their own house from the ground up in order to get it exactly how they want it. This isn’t the case though. From kitchen and bathroom design to storage solutions and upgrades to your living space, buying a new build provides you with the opportunity to spec your house exactly as you want it. Most new homes nowadays are built with modern living in mind, so you can take things like open plan living, flexibility and outdoor space as a given. 

DREAM HOME TIP #4: Opt for a new build and make some design decisions yourself

With Wain Homes, as well as choosing location, house size and even your own plot, you can also get involved in some of the design decisions too. Many of our developments give you the opportunity to choose from a range of options and extras to make your home your own. You might be able to:

  • Choose your kitchen finishes, worktops, handles and lighting
  • Select your bathroom tiles
  • Organise your bedroom with fitted wardrobes

You can even select from a range of different upgrades to personalise your living space to really make it feel like your dream home. 


If you’re wondering how to buy your dream home, get in touch with us today and find out the different ways you can personalise your new house to get it exactly how you want it.

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