Are new builds more expensive?

Whether you’re about to jump on the property ladder for the first or even for the fourth or fifth time, you’ve likely considered buying a new build. New homes in modern developments have plenty of curb appeal – no matter if you’re searching for a spacious family home or an apartment perfect for two.

Contemporary, spacious and often able to be personalised to suit your interior decorating needs, there are many advantages to purchasing a brand-new home. But what about the price tag? In some instances new builds can seem more expensive compared to older properties, but they will likely cost you less money in the long run.

Here we take a look at five reasons why considering a new build for your next home may be your most cost-effective decision.


So, you’ve moved into your new home, unpacked all your belongings and now you’re starting to decide where everything should go.

It’s an exciting time, but too often the excitement dwindles when you notice a few things that could do with repairing in the older property you’ve just bought. This cold be chipped paint jobs, cracked window panes, and plenty more. With an older home, those repairs will be entirely your responsibility.

We’re here when you need us throughout your buying journey. And we’re still here even after you pick up your keys. When you move into one of our new builds, we take you through the property and create a snagging list of any minor details that need to be remedied.


An obvious pro of buying a new build is that everything is, of course, brand-new. This means you won’t have to shell out for a replacement boiler, a new roof or to fix dodgy electrics the moment you move in as many people have to do with older properties.

Your property would have gone through strict building regulation procedures before you were handed the keys, meaning everything inside will be spick and span. What’s more, most things will be under warranty, so you’ll be able to benefit from free repairs if something goes wrong in a few years.

New properties don’t tend to feature the same set of maintenance issues that often plague older homes – we’re talking damp patches, rusty pipes or creaky floorboards. Not having to fix these minor (yet often major) problems can undoubtedly save you a lot of money and stress. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that low maintenance worries ranked as the second most popular reason to buy a new build in the New Homes Week 2023 Get On With Living report.


A young woman stretches while lying in bed in a show home

With the price of gas and electricity sky-high at the moment, this is a pretty big advantage. In general, new builds are built with better insulation and with more modern heating systems. According to recent statistics, more than 80% of new builds now have an energy efficiency rating of EPC B or A.

Having a good EPC rating means you’ll be losing less heat out of your home and therefore saving more money on your heating bills. Energy efficiency can also impact your day-to-day electricity usage too as it takes into account your home’s wiring and lighting.

According to the House Building Federation’s February 2023 Watt a Save report, new build homeowners are currently saving an average of £2,000 a year on their energy bills – and this figure is likely to increase as time goes on. It’s not solely about the money though. The report also shows that new build homes are much more carbon neutral, so you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet simply by buying one too.


Dreading spending hours – and hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds – redecorating your home? Buying a new build means you’ll be starting out with a beautiful, blank canvas that’s ready for you to move into straight away without whipping out a single paintbrush.

There’ll be no dodgy wallpaper to strip off, no garish tiles to replace and no paint to smooth over. Typically, the décor will be clean and modern, allowing you to easily coordinate it with your existing furnishings. And if you do want to put your own personal stamp on it with some splashes of colour or other interior decorations? You can take your time and postpone the process until you’re in a better financial situation.


It’s not uncommon for people to buy an older property and immediately upgrade its outdated kitchen or bathroom. But when you buy a new build, you’ll be able to avoid this often hefty expense.

As well as the fact your home will come with a brand-new kitchen or bathroom, you can often personalise your home while it’s still being built. From selecting tiles, paint colours and countertop surfaces to even choosing what kind of sink or taps you’d like, there are plenty of decisions you’ll be able to make. Want fitted wardrobes in your bedroom? That’s another possibility too.

Not only does this perk make decorating your home a little bit cheaper but it also allows you to make it unique to your personal style and overall needs.

Convinced a new build property is the right choice for your needs (and your bank balance)? Get in touch with us today to discover our brand-new homes located across the UK. As well as helping you choose the ideal property, we can also suggest more ways to help you save money – including taking advantage of our Part Exchange and Movemaker schemes if you need to sell your current home.