Bedroom Design - How to Get it Right

Given most people aim to try and sleep for around eight hours a night, this means you’re typically asleep for a third of your lifetime. As such, the average person can expect to be asleep for something in the region of 9,500 days, or 230,000 hours. These are big numbers - especially once you add in the 3,000 odd days we spend in bed relaxing or trying to get to sleep - and they show just how important our bedrooms are to us.

Bedroom design therefore plays a key role in our daily lives. So, if you’re on the hunt for some inspiration to transform arguably the most important room in your home, you’ve come to the right place for some great bedroom decor ideas.

Size matters

Often, it's clear which room your bedroom's going to be based on size. Whether you live on your own or you have a partner or family, picking the largest room is often the obvious choice. Size certainly matters when it comes to bedroom design, with bigger rooms better equipped to provide the space you need to fit all your possessions while also allowing you to evoke a sense of calm by not being too cluttered.

However, if there’s a close call in terms of size, you may find a room at the back of the house is quieter than on the street at the front, potentially with a nice garden view. Loft rooms can be quieter and more peaceful too. It could be an idea to try spending a few nights in different rooms to see which you prefer.

Mattresses matter too

Before we get on to the more aesthetic bedroom ideas, ensuring you have a comfortable mattress to retreat to is another crucial thing to consider if you want to get your bedroom on point.

You won’t be able to truly appreciate how beautiful and relaxing your room is, or get a great night’s sleep, if you have a rock hard, lumpy and uncomfortable mattress with springs sticking into your spine. Whether you prefer memory foam, super firm or springy, a quality mattress is a worthwhile investment considering the amount of time we spend in bed.

Pick your colour scheme

Choosing a welcoming colour scheme forms the basis for your bedroom design. Going with relaxing hues that invite you into a calm and pleasant space will help you to unwind and decompress after a long day.

Soft, natural colours are perfect to achieve this, so consider pale yellows, golden hues, terracotta or burnt oranges for a sun-kissed effect. Or try duck egg blue, coral or shades of sage, emerald and olive, using pops of colour to complement fresh whites and creams or wooden furniture. Try to avoid loud colours.

Light up, light down

Bright lighting is a no-no when it comes to helping you de-stress and get ready for bed. But on the other hand, you may need plenty of light for getting ready early in the morning or in the evening.

If you have a ceiling light or spots that bathe your bedroom in bright light, you can get them on dimmer switches to bring down the glare. Fit the lamps on your bedside table with warm bulbs to give you the option to set a calming mood, and explore different lighting choices to illuminate those darker corners of your bedroom.

Add some texture

Now you’ve got your colour scheme and lighting sorted, it’s time to add some texture to your bedroom. Some of the best bedroom decor ideas revolve around how you introduce tactile materials into your space, which not only add layers and depth to your room, but can also be really comfy too.

Think cosy cushions on the bed and throws over your duvet. A soft rug underfoot can work wonders, while your curtains, lamp shades and other decorations (we love macrame wall hangings) can all help to deliver an air of calm when you use the right materials. Supersize headboards are trendy right now and give rooms a real sense of comfort and luxury.

Final flourishes

Your bedroom should be a place you look forward to retreating to at the end of your day. It should be a space you want to spend time in. And often it’s the little touches that can help with the allure of the room.

Great choices include your favourite piece of artwork, a comfy armchair you can read a book on for half an hour or a relaxing aromatherapy diffuser. Or your final flourish could even be something like a hanging chair that's suspended from the ceiling where you can rock gently before bed.

A really special addition to a bedroom is a dressing area. Somewhere set aside to get ready for an evening out or just a day at work. If you can accomodate a dressing table, then this is a great way to add a statement piece into the room that brings real personality. However, something as simple as adding a shelf reserved for makeup and hair accessories with a stool is a great way to achieve a dedicated space just for you.

Keep it clean and tidy

Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy is essential if you want to maintain a beautiful space. This doesn’t only mean regular dusting and hoovering, but also keeping the room free from clutter.

You can use attractive storage solutions ranging from small woven boxes to a large statement chest of drawers, whilst fitted wardrobes are always a great choice (more of that in a second…). Keeping everything from your toiletries and hairdryer to your clothes and files tidily out of sight will mean your bedroom remains both neat and stylish.

Fitted for purpose

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom clutter-free is to install some fitted wardrobes. Whether it’s your clothes, suitcase, accessories or other possessions, fitted wardrobes are brilliant for maximising space, and particularly the vertical space in your bedroom. You can tailor the configuration of a fitted wardrobe exactly to your needs, allowing you to specify how much shelving or hanging space you want. Don't forget, many of our homes come complete with dressing rooms and en suite bathrooms which give you more storage space for clothing and personal care items, leaving bedrooms clutter free and restful. 

You can also tailor a new build home with Wain Homes exactly to your needs. Many of our developments give you the opportunity to select fitted wardrobes for your bedroom. You can also spec out your kitchen to your taste, pick your own bathroom tiles and choose from a range of upgrades to further stamp your own personality on your living space. The possibilities are different, depending on the development and the stage of your build, but your Sales Executive will let you know how you can make it yours. 

If you're looking to buy a new home or have any questions about the home buying process, get in touch with our team today.