Cake and Connections for Maisie and Tom at Marmalade Fete

Wain Homes Severn Valley colleagues, Maisie Boyd and Thomas Doe, spent the day volunteering at Bristol loneliness charity, the Marmalade Trust’s Summer Fete at Windmill Hill City Farm in Bristol.

The party was part of the Trust’s Loneliness Awareness Week, with members and volunteers of the charity’s Companions project coming together to mark the occasion.

The Companions Project was a 15-week, one-to-one phone-based project supporting some of the loneliest people across the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset regions

The Marmalade Trust is the only charity in the world dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and Maisie and Tom volunteered their time as part of our Severn Valley region’s year of support for Marmalade Trust.

Maisie said: “Tom and I helped set up the event, escorted guests from the buses, chatted to all the attendees and, admittedly, ate lots of cake!

“It was heartwarming meeting fellow like-minded people who understand the impact of loneliness on a person’s wellbeing and I am pleased to be helping Wain Homes support this fantastic charity.

“If you happen to see someone on their own, inside or outside of work, go and chat to them, you never know how much it could help.”

You can find out more about the work of Marmalade Trust here and we’re looking forward to helping them in whatever ways we can to raise awareness of loneliness and empower people to make connections.