How to create your dream garden on a budget

With summer not too far on the horizon, you might be looking forward to spending some lazy days lounging around in the sunshine outside. 

But is your garden in desperate need of some TLC? Luckily, there are plenty of ways to cheaply yet effectively give your outdoor space a much-needed makeover. This is especially true if you have a new build home. Why? Because newer properties tend to have nice, low-maintenance gardens which are very easy to personalise – no matter if you want to add a mini vegetable patch or a cosy seating area perfect for alfresco dining.

If you’re on a strict budget with your redesign, here are a few handy garden ideas to help make your dream outdoor space a reality.


If you’re envisioning a vibrant space that’s jam-packed with plants, it’s worth knowing from the get-go that this can be pricey. One way to stick to a tight budget and still have a luscious garden is to buy seeds and bulbs instead of fully-grown plants.

Both come in packets or bags which will usually hold a good number, allowing you to grow multiple plants at a time. What’s more, they’re usually a fraction of the cost of fully-grown plants. While you’ll have to wait a bit longer for them to mature, it’ll be worth it in the long run – both for your bank balance and for your own sense of satisfaction.


Want lots of plants in your garden but don’t want to buy dozens of expensive pots? Recycling old containers where possible is always a great garden design idea.

If you’re planting seeds, raid your recycling bin for old egg trays or yoghurt pots which are ideal for your plants’ first initial growing stages. You could even put your own stamp on them by painting them in a certain colour to match your décor.

Prefer ceramic pots? You’ll often find lots of lovely options in second-hand shops going for as little as a few pounds. You could also repurpose old crockery – whether that’s an oversized tea cup or an old mixing bowl – into pots for smaller plants.


Living walls don’t just have to exist in fancy hotels. They can be easy to create in your own back garden too, with the right tools and a little ingenuity. 

The easiest way to create a living wall is to buy vertical hanging planters featuring pockets where you can pop in new plants. Or for an even cheaper option, why not simply attach a few wooden shelves onto a wall and line them with plants? Use reclaimed wood or builders’ offcuts to save money and for maximum impact, choose trailing plants that will hang down and blanket the wall below the shelves in greenery.


Always wanted a vegetable patch? As long as you have an outdoor area and a bit of sun, it’ll always be possible to grow a few delicious things from scratch.

Creating your own raised beds to plant veg in is a brilliant garden idea for any size space. First, measure out the area where you want your beds to sit and then take a trip to your local reclamation yard to pick up some planks of wood.

You can easily screw four planks together at right angles, leaving the bottom open to the ground and the top open to the air. Position the box in your garden, fill it with topsoil and get planting! Remember to plant seedlings at the optimum time of year for the best results. It’s a good idea to start them off indoors first on a sunny windowsill before transplanting them over when the weather warms up.


Already have distinct borders around your garden? One easy way to update your space is to simply change the shape of them. If they’re currently straight and square, why not give them an unusual curve so it looks like your garden is fringed by waves of greenery? All you’ll need to do this is a shovel, some extra soil and a little bit of elbow grease for digging.


For a budget garden design idea that you can pull off in just a few hours, consider giving your fence a fresh lick of paint. This is a great way to instantly change the aesthetic of your garden as you can choose from countless different shades.

Go for something nice and neutral or create a tropical paradise with a deep green or bright orange hue. You could also coordinate your new fence colour with any outdoor furniture you already have or choose a contrasting tone that creates a stylish, eye-catching look.


Adding a seating area to your garden doesn’t need to involve getting a landscaper in and spending a small fortune on fancy materials. It’s actually very easy to create something professional and functional yourself – and you don’t necessarily need to use heavy slabs or decking either.

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy affordable patio slabs that simply click together. You can choose from a range of options too, from natural wood tiles to hard-wearing vinyl featuring pretty patterns.

For an easy and quick style fix for your existing patio, simply opt for an outdoor rug. You’ll find them in a huge range of colours and sizes, and you’ll even have the flexibility of moving one to different areas of your garden – whether that’s to follow the sun or simply to switch things up every once in a while!

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