New Property Makes Jayne Happy to Come Home

After finishing a busy day working in the NHS in South Manchester, Jayne Waring looks forward to the 30 minute commute back home to her new Wain Homes property in Denton.

But this wasn’t always the case. Jayne explains: “I used to live in a terraced house in Fallowfield and despite this being much closer to my workplace, I used to dread coming home in the evening.

“I didn’t feel any real sense of community; the area was very student orientated and there were fewer owner occupiers who had pride in their properties.

“Now, I can’t wait to get home. I actually enjoy the journey back knowing how happy my new home makes me feel.”

Jayne (52) was told about Wain Homes’ Crown Point development by a friend who knew she enjoyed visiting Denton’s local amenities and was looking to make a move.

“I regularly travelled to Denton to go shopping at the Crown Point Retail Park and I always thought it was a fast up-and-coming area” explains Jayne. “My friend told me about the new development and I registered my interest pretty much straight away. I liked the layout of the development and the variety of houses and materials, creating really attractive streets.

“Thankfully, Wain Homes’ Sales Executive Jade kept me regularly updated, checking in to see if I still wanted to stay on the waiting list, such was the popularity of the development.

“And I was delighted when I got the call to tell me a 2-bedroom Bell property was available for sale, which perfectly suited my needs.”

Leaving nothing to chance, Jayne did lots of research into the new development and liked what she found out.

Jayne said: “As this was my first new build purchase, I did lots of internet research, asking existing residents what they thought of the development and everyone was incredibly positive.

“Nobody had a bad word to say about the scheme or Wain Homes and everyone seemed very welcoming. I have already met lots of my new neighbours and there is a fantastic community feel developing here and everyone keeps their properties lovely and tidy.”

Jayne moved into Crown Point in December 2022 and the whole experience has been positive.

“The site manager was brilliant from day one making sure my new home was perfect and I have already noticed how energy efficient the new home is – I don’t have my heating switched on anywhere near as much as I did in my old home.

“It is really well sound insulated too, in fact I text my neighbour to see if she can hear my music playing and she never can!

“I have also had friends visiting who thought I had paid for expensive upgrades to my fixtures and fittings and were surprised when I tell them they all came as standard.”

Happy in her new home, Jayne is excited about the impact it is already having on the wider economy.

“There are some really nice new bars and restaurants opening up nearby and as this development progresses I can see more independent, local businesses starting up.

“The whole area has been given a boost which is great for the local economy and there is a great community vibe being created here.”