Peak Performance from our South West team

Three teams of intrepid adventurers from Wain Homes hiked more than 20 miles in one day across the three highest hills of the Peak District, raising £12,000 for a youth charity.

Wain Homes contributed the registration fees for 13 employees to take on the sponsored challenge of climbing 1,300m up Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and The Black Hill. The walk is an epic adventure which covers the wildest and most remote areas of the Peak District National Park.

Members of Wain Homes South West’s technical, construction and regional head office teams took part in the challenge, raising funds for the Youth Adventure Trust.

Youth Adventure Trust was established in 1992 to help vulnerable young people from 11 to 16 fulfil their potential, build resilience and lead positive lives through an outdoor adventure programme and mentoring scheme.

Katie Alderton, sales director at Wain Homes and part of the ‘No Wain, No Gain’ team, said: “The Youth Adventure Trust is a remarkable charity which gives young people genuinely life-changing experiences.

“Each year it helps hundreds of children develop key skills which they use to overcome everyday challanges which can often seem overwhelming. Seeing the positive impact the charity has on young people’s lives was all the incentive we needed to dig deep and complete this hike.”

Steve Goldsworthy, Wain Homes’ technical director also took part in the challenge, adding: “What a day! A group of amazing people worked brilliantly together and to raise £12,000 for such a great charity was a huge achievement.”

Sarah Blatchford, secretary to construction, said: “It was a beautiful location and a great day; so hard but so rewarding.”

Mark Patten, Wain Homes’ technical manager, added: “Would I do it again? I’ll get back to you on that!”