Small bathroom design - on a budget

Sometimes clichés can be wiser than you think. When it comes to bathroom design, good things really can come in small packages. It’s all about what you do with your space, rather than how much you have to start with.
Searching for great design tips and small bathroom ideas? There are plenty of things you can do to help maximise your bathroom space, but first we’ll help you figure out how to move through the steps of planning a great design on a budget. 


Before you start planning designs and picking out a bathroom suite, you need to figure out exactly what your budget is. A small bathroom doesn’t have to cost a lot, but you’ll need to know how much you’ve got to spend so you don’t blow your budget. It’s always a good idea to have a contingency in case you do overspend, so try to have an extra 10% of your budget available. If that’s not possible, work your contingency into your overall budget so you’ve got some wiggle room in the event of any unexpected costs, such as extra materials and labour. 


After figuring out how much you can spend, you need to get a handle on the space you’ve got to spend it on. Use a tape measure and draw a rough sketch of the floorplan on a piece of paper. You can then use this to try out different ideas for layout and options for what’s going to be in the room, which will help you to maximise the space. You can even use online tools to put your measurements into a piece of computer software that can be great for visualising exactly how much room there is. 
Of course, if you’ve chosen a new build home from Wain Homes, you’ll be able to work with your sales representative to get an idea of size and also to discuss with them personalization options and ideas.


Even though it may be small in proportions and modest in budget, your bathroom can still be big on style. Whether you’re a clean freak who needs everything to be white or you’re into natural materials and colours that help to soften the space, you can use websites such as Pinterest to create mood boards to help you get a clearer picture of the look you’re going for. If you’re working to a budget, small bathroom ideas are also prevalent across sites like this.


The first step in choosing your bathroom suite is to decide exactly what you want in the room. If there’s space for a bath then do you want to have a shower over it? Or if you don’t need a bath, would you prefer to have a larger shower cubicle? Wet rooms are a great option for small bathrooms, but if you don’t want the whole of the floor to get wet, there are lots of shower enclosures available that you can tailor to the exact amount of space you have to work with. Frameless ones are best for making your room seem bigger, while if you’re having a shower over the bath, a glass screen is better for enhancing space than a shower curtain. 
The size and shape of things like your toilet and sink are very important when maximising the space in a small bathroom. Look out for compact vanity units to combine your sink and storage, and consider a wall-hung toilet if the configuration of your room allows it. Space-saving toilets with shorter projections are also great, while you can even find units that include a sink, toilet and storage to save even more space. 


Tiles are a great tool you can use to enhance the impression of space in a small bathroom, especially when you go for glossy tiles that reflect light. Great bathroom flooring ideas include choosing a darker or patterned tile for the floor and then a lighter, plain one for the walls. This provides a contrast that tricks the eye into thinking there’s more upward space in the room. Tiles are also easier to clean than painted walls and more durable for a small bathroom too. 


Surfaces don’t get any more reflective than mirrors, meaning they’re great for inexpensively increasing the illusion of space. Try to find the right spot for as large a mirror as you can to help create real depth to the room, or consider making a sizeable portion of one of the walls entirely mirrored. 


If you have a bathroom with a low ceiling, you probably won’t be able to get away with a statement light fitting that hangs down potentially too close to your head for comfort. Spot lights are perfect for this scenario, while a well-lit room also enhances the feeling of space. It’s a good idea to ensure there aren’t any spots directly over where you stand in the shower though, as this can cause inconvenient shadows when you’re using it. 


Small bathrooms don’t take a lot to heat, so you’ll probably be fine with a single towel rail for warmth. This gives you the opportunity to mount your radiator in the most convenient spot, while also providing you with a place to hang your towels. Electric underfloor heating is relatively inexpensive to install, although it does have higher running costs than wet heating systems. It can be a good option though if you’d rather not have a wall-mounted radiator to maximise your space. 


As with any room in your home, the final flourishes are what can really set your room apart. If you want to elevate your bathroom from the everyday to the boutique, there are lots of simple and affordable tricks you can use to give off a more lavish impression - from fresh new towels to wicker baskets for storage and an attractive toilet roll stand you can also put your hand wash on. You can also try decanting some of your toiletries into glass bottles to add an air of sophistication to your space. And assault all of your senses with essential oils, scented soaps and diffusers. 
Whichever of our tips you love the most, why not implement some of them in your bathroom design with Wain Homes? We offer a high level of personalisation of rooms including your bathroom, kitchen and living spaces, allowing you to truly make your new home yours
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