Wildlife Tunnel Opens at Mulgrove Farm Village

How did the toad cross the road? Safely, of course, thanks to new amphibian superhighway tunnels at our Mulgrove Farm Village development near Bristol.

Wain Homes has installed the £100,000 bespoke pair of tunnels underneath the entrance road to Mulgrove Farm Village in Harry Stoke in a joint project with South Gloucestershire Council.

The tunnels are part of extensive landscaping and ecological works at the development which will also see dozens of new trees planted to turn the entrance road into an avenue of green to create high quality habitats for wildlife.

Tony Lloyd, Senior Technical Co-ordinator at Wain Homes, said: “The ecological impact of any development is obviously a high priority and installing measures like this tunnel ensures that wildlife can still travel to different habitats.

“People are often surprised by the distance amphibians can cover between feeding and breeding grounds but toads, for instance, can travel up to three kilometres, so it is important they have safe routes maintained.

“The tunnel design was specified by an ecologist with the area around landscaped to make it as natural as possible to wildlife.”

Councillor Louise Harris, South Gloucestershire Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate and Nature Emergency, said: “The Mulgrove development is an exciting venture to deliver energy efficient and sustainable homes here in South Gloucestershire which are compliant with our climate emergency policies and meet the future housing needs of our residents.

“Protecting nature and safeguarding important species is vitally important with developments such as these, so it is fantastic to see that local wildlife will be kept safe and habitats remain connected, following the installation of these specially designed tunnels.”