Something’s wrong

Everything in your home is brand new and ready to go. But sometimes things can go wrong even in new homes. Whether you need our help when there’s an emergency or have a more routine issue, our Customer Care Team is just a phone call or an email away.

Please provide our team with as much information as possible in order for us to investigate your issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.


During office hours (Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm) call us on:

North West:         01925 885400

Severn Valley:      0117 374 4300 

South West:         01392 448900      


For out of hours (weekdays after 5pm, weekends or bank holidays) call our 24 hour Customer Care Helpline on:

North West:         0345 601 3270

Severn Valley:      0345 366 9917

South West:         0345 601 3594   


All emergency calls will be responded to within 12 hours.



An emergency is any situation or fault that could immediately harm the safety or security of you or your home and anyone in or around it.

Central heating and hot water

Failure of the central heating system, including the programmer and hot water at any time of year. Before calling, please check that the failure is not caused by local electricity or gas supply problems or by incorrect settings of your programmer or thermostats. Please refer to your boiler user guide should a fault be displayed. In extremely cold weather conditions where it’s below -3°C, we advise that you run your heating continuously.

Water leaks

When a leak can’t be contained and is causing damage, locate the stop tap (you will be shown the location during your home demonstration) and turn off the water supply into your property. If the water is running into an electrical fitting, turn off the electricity supply at the consumer unit. Contact us immediately.

For complete loss of water, check with your local service provider that they have not turned off the supply to carry out repair work before you contact us.

Issues caused by outside tap water feeds freezing and causing internal leaks within the property, is a general maintenance issue and not a plumbing defect and as such will not be treated as an emergency, nor covered under the warranty.

Gas leaks

Open all windows to ventilate your home and contact your gas supplier immediately. Isolate the gas supply at the meter and avoid using any electrical appliances that may cause a spark. Contact us if you need any further help.

Smell gas? Call the National Grid on 0800 111 999

Lack of power supply 

Total loss of electricity throughout the property, which cannot be rectified by resetting the meter trip switch, or a partial loss when there are potential safety hazards such as in a communal hallway. Check with your electricity supplier to ensure that they have not turned off the main supply for repair work and that there is no local power failure.


Most roof problems are considered non-urgent unless they pose a danger to health and safety. It is an emergency if any loss of roof or ridge tiles have damaged your home and allowing water to get into your electrical system. If the loss of roof or ridge tiles was caused by a storm, contact your buildings insurance company as the primary insurer of storm related damage claims.

Blocked drains

When drain water is causing a flood or overflowing internally or externally, or if the blockage is caused by a construction failure. If the blockage is caused by improper items being flushed through, such as nappies or wipes, you may be liable for any call out charges.

Blocked/not flushing toilet

It’s seen as an emergency when the blocked toilet is the only toilet in the house. If the problem is caused by poor maintenance or misuse, you will be liable for any call out charges.

Security fault

A faulty window or door lock compromises your security and safety, so we treat it as an emergency and aim to send a qualified tradesperson as soon as possible.


It’s not an emergency if you and your home are safe and not in any immediate danger.

Call our Customer Care Team during office hours and we’ll arrange to visit your home to investigate the problem. The times repairs are carried out will depend upon the nature of the problem and the availability of any materials.

During office hours (Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5pm) you can contact us on:


North West        01925 885400        


Severn Valley    0117 374 4300  


South West       01392 448900              


West Midlands      0121 818 0600             

Our Customer Care team will acknowledge your query within 24 hours.



Power failure

When there is only a partial power loss to some sockets, but not to all.

Blockages (excluding toilets)

When sinks, baths or showers are blocked due to faulty workmanship or materials. If the blockage was caused by something else, you may be liable for any call out charges.


If we’ve fitted any kitchen appliances or waste disposal systems that break down, you should contact the manufacturer direct. You’ll find these contact details in your handover documents.

Other non-emergency issues

These include:

  • dripping taps
  • stiff doors or windows
  • creaking floorboards