New Build Homes in Plymouth

Are you considering a move to Plymouth? Located on the south coast of Devon, Plymouth is a true all-rounder of a city, offering a vibrant and diverse city centre, which sits alongside a stunning waterfront. Couple that with lovely coastal landscapes and a rich maritime heritage, and you can understand why Plymouth is a popular place to live. 

Gaining momentum as a home buyer’s top place to buy a new build, Plymouth is fast becoming one of the most exciting cities in the UK, having been voted the best city to live in England for quality of life. If Plymouth appeals to you, discover our range of new build houses and developments in and around the area.

Voted the best city to live in England for quality of life

The cost of living is lower than a lot of other places in the UK

The greenest city in the UK, constituting 40% green space

20 primary and secondary schools rated “good” or above by Ofsted

A historic yet trendy place to live, combining seaside fun and urban class



Plymouth proudly holds the title of England's best city to live in, and it's no surprise why. Affordability is a key factor, with living costs notably lower than many other parts of the UK, including everything from housing to groceries, leisure activities to sports events and even, cafes, bars and restaurants. 

In addition to this, Plymouth is renowned for its green spaces with over 40% of the landscape dedicated to them. With iconic parks like Central Park and Victoria Park, along with picturesque nature reserves such as Plymbridge Woods and Saltram Estate, residents can connect with nature without ever leaving the city. 

You’ll be happy to know that Plymouth offers a stellar education system. The city boasts 20 primary and secondary schools rated "good" or above by Ofsted, which is a relief if you have little ones, or you’re considering building a family there. 

But Plymouth isn't just about practicalities, it's a city brimming with history and modern charm and you’ll love being a tourist in your own city there. In one day, you can enjoy take a stroll along the Barbican waterfront and visit the Mayflower Steps, then, you can explore the city's vibrant cultural scene, with trendy waterfront bars and restaurants like The Royal William Yard offering a taste of contemporary living against a backdrop of historic architecture. Not bad for a seaside city!

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Plymouth's excellent travel and transport links make it a convenient and accessible place to live. The city is well-connected by road, with easy access to major motorways such as the A38, linking Plymouth to Exeter and the wider motorway network. For commuters, Plymouth's railway station provides regular services to destinations across the region and beyond, including direct trains to London Paddington.

Plymouth also benefits from an extensive bus network, making it easy to navigate the city and reach surrounding areas, and the nearest airport is Newquay airport, which is just under 40 miles from the centre. 

If Plymouth is a place you’d like to call home, you’ll find a range of new developments and homes for sale in and around Plymouth with Wain Homes.