Green Mortgages


In this guide, find out...

  • What is a green mortgage?

  • Which factors can impact your eligibility?
  • How buying a Wain home could help you to secure a green mortgage


A green mortgage may be offered by a bank or building society, if your property is deemed to be energy efficient. They are used to encourage homeowners to buy more environmentally friendly homes. 

In return for choosing an energy efficient home, the bank or building society may offer preferential terms such as a better interest rate, an increased loan amount or cashback, but this can vary by lender.

Green mortgages are sometimes offered on new homes, due to their energy efficiency. So when buying a new home, not only could you benefit from preferential terms on your mortgage but also savings on your household bills, as a new home could save you over £3,100 a year on your energy bills*.

This house will be efficient to heat compared to an older home. In fact, it even qualifies for an eco Green Mortgage due to its energy efficiency.
Wain Homes CustomerPinfold Manor

It is important to remember, that each lender will have varifying criteria, so it is important to do your research first. 

How buying a Wain home could help you to secure a green mortgage

100% of our homes have an EPC rating of 'B' or above, which will help you to save on your energy bills and increase the favorability of your property when applying for a green mortgage.

In comparison, in a recent report by the Home Builders Federation, just 84% of new builds achieved a rating of 'B' or above and less than 4% of existing homes reached the same standard*. 

As a considerate builder, in a Wain home you'll also find energy efficient heating, energy label rated A white goods, insulation, water saving fixtures and fittings and smart meters. All of which will boost the energy efficiency of your home and boost your chances of securing a green mortgage. 

If you're looking for a new build home or some more information, you can book an appointment to visit one of our new build developments where our friendly Sales Executives will be happy to help.