8 Garden Design Ideas for Spring and Summer

The sun has finally started to make an appearance. Green shoots are popping up everywhere and it feels like the warmer months are just around the corner. And there’s no better time than now to spend relaxing in your garden. So make the garden of your new home the place to be in summer 2023!

But that means you need to get your outside space looking ship shape. Both for your own enjoyment and so you can entertain guests. Here are a few garden ideas to help you out.


You want somewhere inviting, peaceful and calming where you can relax. If you have a patio or decking, start by giving it a good clean. A pressure washer is ideal for both. If you have garden furniture that’s been outside for a few months, give that a good scrub too.

Then you can think about dressing your space. A patio rug is a trend that’s been around for a few years now and isn’t going away anytime soon. Black and white or Aztec styles look wonderful. Also think about using other soft furnishings to create a living space outside with an inviting atmosphere. Faux furs draped over the backs of chairs and linen cushions work really well.


Whatever the size or shape of your garden, you’ll have a natural pathway that travels from the back door to the end of your space. Even if you don’t have a path in place, there will be a natural one.

Putting a path in your garden creates definition in your outside space and will also encourage people to use it rather than the grass. When you consider different garden ideas for your path think about both the function and how it will look. You’ll want the perfect line (whether curved or straight) that works with your space.


Is your fence looking a little tired? Is your garden shed becoming a bit of an eyesore? A cost-effective and simple solution to transform the look of your garden is to simply give your wood a lick of paint. 

Always pick your colour wisely. Lighter and cooler paint colours are ideal for smaller gardens as they create a more spacious feeling. They are also reflective which helps with making your garden look bigger. Light blue for example will also add depth.

Cool grey will bring a modern stylish look to your garden, light pink is perfect to pick out those stunning colours in the sky at sunset, whilst cream works as the ideal backdrop for some brightly coloured plants. Just ask the kids to watch out when they’re playing football!


Your garden in summer should be all about colour, whether in beds, borders or baskets. The following garden ideas should help:

  • Place early season annuals like pansies in containers for a pop of colour
  • Plant warm-season annuals like petunias and marigolds once all danger of frost has passed
  • Add hanging baskets and window boxes for some fresh colour and a little curb appeal
  • Plant summer-blooming bulbs including dahlias and lilies
  • Start a wild flower garden



A wooden pergola creates a defined area in your garden for entertaining. You may already have a table and seating space there, but a pergola really separates this from the rest of your garden. A well-constructed pergola also makes a real style statement, as well as offering a starting point for some other garden design ideas.

Festoon lights work beautifully on a pergola and allow you to enjoy a cosy atmosphere in your outside space after dark. They really bring a laid-back and romantic feel. We also think a fire pit is a great idea for when the temperature drops – also for toasting some marshmallows too.


If you’re dealing with a small space, you need to work with what you have. Living walls are ideal for tighter gardens, whilst vertical plants will emphasise the height of your garden as opposed to its length.

If you’ve already added in a pergola or you have space on your fencing, vines are perfect to add a real design flair to your space. And with the right care and attention, flowering vines can look wonderful and won’t grow out of control.


A herb garden is a great way to enhance the design of your outside space, but also enables you to grow something edible that’s right on hand for any summer garden BBQs. Plus herbs are super easy to grow too.

You can also get the kids involved, from tending to the seedlings to picking the herbs fresh right before dinner.


There really is nothing better than relaxing in your garden and listening to the sounds of running water. It’s total bliss. You could opt for a simple water feature like a fountain to bring some visual interest as well as the soothing sounds.

Or you could go all out and build a wildlife pond. This is ideal if you have kids that are willing to help and that have a keen interest in wildlife. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too.

If you’re looking to create a garden on a budget then check out our other handy post in this series, How To Create Your Dream Garden On A Budget.

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