Erin Feels Back at Home with Wain

Day trips to Nice and days away in South Africa weren’t enough to stop Erin Walters from returning to her Wain Homes family in the South West.

The sales executive from Tavistock had worked for Wain Homes for a year-and-a-half before succumbing to the travel bug and taking a role as cabin crew with British Airways.

However, despite flying off to exotic destinations and chic cities, Erin missed the camaraderie and support of the Wain team and rejoined the company earlier this year.

“Taking time away from the business made me realise just how well Wain Homes treats its employees” explains Erin. “We are like one big family, supporting, encouraging and looking after each other.

“I also missed helping our customers along the journey of making the most important purchase of their lives. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling role, passing on my knowledge of new build homes to ensure our customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience.”

Erin now spends her time between two of our South West developments – Saxon Gate in Ivybridge and Higher Trewhiddle, near St Austell and appreciates the support she receives from the Wain Homes site teams.

“Everybody on both of these sites is helping me learn and develop my knowledge and skills which benefits our customers” says Erin. “Building a new homes development is a complex project and I realised the more I could learn about the process, the better this would be for our customers, as I can explain to them what is happening along every step of the way and keep them informed and updated.

“The managers and directors at Wain Homes have also been incredibly supportive, too. When you know you have a team of people behind you, helping you and wanting you to succeed, it is highly motivating. They also listen to our ideas and encourage our feedback, as we hear first hand what customers want, and that information is important in the development of new designs.”

There are two parts of the sales executive’s role which Erin particularly enjoys.

“I love the colour choices appointments as I get a real buzz from helping customers personalise their new homes” says Erin. “It is such an exciting time seeing a new home coming to life and a day when customers always leave happy.

“I also enjoy handing over the keys on move-in days. It is so rewarding, saying ‘here you are – go and enjoy your home’, I can never tire of that.”

Erin is now looking forward to meeting more new customers as her two current developments progress.

“New builds are just the best” she says. “It’s a blank canvas to show your own personality and with our warranties and guarantees, it is also a safer way of buying a new home.

“And the energy efficiency of new homes makes a huge difference, especially when the cost of energy is relatively high.”

So, any thoughts of leaving again on a jet plane?

“No chance” says Erin. “I thrive off positivity and that’s what you get with Wain Homes. I always said when I went to work as cabin crew I would be back, and I’m so happy Wain has welcomed me with open arms. It feels good to be home.”