The journey from reservation to moving in

There are eight main steps along the buying journey that take you from reserving your home to moving in. We’re here to help you navigate the way, so you know what to expect when you get there.   


You’ve found the right home and you don’t want anyone else to make it theirs. It’s now time to make a reservation. Reserving a home secures it in your name, as long as you exchange contracts within the timescale we agree.

Your reservation is subject to you meeting our qualifying criteria.

At this stage we’ll confirm your house type, plot number and the reservation period. You’ll pay a reservation fee which we’ll take off the cost of your new home.

As soon as you’ve reserved your new home and started the mortgage process, you’ll need to instruct a solicitor to look after the legal side of things. For more information on choosing a solicitor and what they will do for you, see ‘The legal and financial side of things’ section.

We understand that circumstances can change. That's why there's a 14-day cooling-off period if you change your mind, allowing you to cancel your Reservation Agreement and receive a refund of your reservation. 


  • Your Sales Executive is on hand to help you with any questions or queries
  • You’ll be given a New Home Guide containing everything you need to know about how the process works, and what happens at each key milestone in your journey. 



Your Sales Executive will arrange a welcome meeting with you and the Site Manager. This is usually within 14 days of you reserving your new home and is a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your new home following your reservation meeting.


  • Introduce Site Manager and explain role
  • Wain Homes Safety on Site information
  • 10 Year NHBC Buildmark Warranty information
  • 2 Year Wain Homes Warranty information
  • Current build stage
  • Discuss next build stages
  • Colour choices/extras procedure discussed
  • Anticipated legal completion window (3 months)

Please note that delays can occur due to supply of materials, availability of trades, weather, utilities and other factors which may be out of Wain Homes' control. All completion dates are anticipated until notice to complete is served.

  • House type dimension layout
  • Mobility access, garden gradients & retaining walls
  • Levels of land around/adjacent to plot
  • Type of boundary finishes incl. position of gates
  • Drainage runs/inspec. chambers/manhole covers
  • Adoptable/private street lighting (if applicable) 
  • Retained trees/hedges/planting (affecting the property)

Please note that Gardens will follow the natural contours of the land and therefore buyers should be aware of the differences in levels and gradients as discussed above and understand that their garden is likely to have slopes of some description. 


It’s an exciting time and you may want to look at your home as we are building it. However, building sites are dangerous and are defined as “workplaces” in Health and Safety law. We are responsible for our developments and must not, by law, allow access to the general public.

Under no circumstances must you go on to the development without a Wain Homes employee and our prior agreement. You may be invited to visit the site at key stages of the build, so that you can see how your new home is coming along and we’ll provide you with any necessary protective clothing, suitable footwear, and other equipment you may need on our site. Children are not allowed in the “workplace” at any time.



This is the exciting bit when you can personalise what goes into the rooms to make it even more yours. Any decisions must be made before the roof goes on. So depending on where we are with building your new home, our Sales Executive will let you know what choices and extras are available. These could include:

  • Choosing your kitchen from a range of colours, styles and upgrades, including worktops, handles and lighting 
  • Choosing your bathroom and en-suite wall tiles
  • Organising your bedroom with fitted furniture
  • Deciding, if, and where, you'd like to fit flooring

We’ll arrange a date and time for you to see what’s available in our Sales Centre and make your selections. 

SOME GOOD ADVICE: Ask your Sales Executive about the build stage of your new home and how it will affect the choices available to you.

Looking for inspiration? See how other customers have personalised their homes on our social media pages.

GOOD TO KNOW: Sometimes step 4 will happen before step 3.



Once your mortgage offer is received and your solicitor has conducted all the necessary local searches, your solicitor and ours will be able to exchange contracts, making the terms of the contract legally binding.



At the start of your home-buying journey, we’ll provide you with a ‘build window’ rather than a definite completion date because so many things can happen between now and then. 

As we make progress with building your home, your Sales Executive will give you updates at key stages and will let you know when your home is nearing completion.

Once your new home has received its Buildmark Cover Note from the NHBC and our quality control certificate, we'll give you 14 calendar days' notice of the legal completion date.

SYNC YOUR DATES: If you’re selling your current home, speak to your Sales Executive before you agree an exact date with your buyer. If you're renting your current home, speak to your Sales Executive before you give notice to your landlord. 



Before moving in day, we’ll invite you to meet the Site Manager and Sales Executive at your new home for a demonstration visit. This is when we show you how everything works in your new home.

If you’d like to measure up for things like carpets and curtains, your Sales Executive could arrange for a separate visit.


After your home demonstration, it's time to ensure everything is exactly as it should be before you complete.

In line with the New Home Quality Code you can arrange for a suitably qualified inspector to complete a Pre-Completion Inspection on your behalf, in line with our health and safety requirements. We may also accompany you, or your representative, during the inspection.


They must:

  • Be a member of a recognised professional association undertaking surveying services in the residential housing sector (e.g. RICS or RPSA).
  • Hold relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Work only within their competency.
  • Use the Standard Template Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist.


The big day is here! Here’s what you need to know to help completion day go as smoothly as possible.

  • Your Sales Executive will arrange a time that you can collect your keys.

We cannot give you your keys until the legalities and funds transfer are successfully completed and received by Wain Homes. This will usually be after midday.

  • Your Sales Executive and Site Manager will go with you to your new home.

They’ll ask you to make sure you’re happy with important things like the kitchen units, worktops and sanitaryware. You’ll then sign your Document and Key Release Form to say you’re happy with the condition of your home and we’ll hand you your keys.

  • We’ll take all your meter readings.

  • Your Sales Executive and Site Manager will talk you through your warranties.

This is your 10-year NHBC Buildmark warranty, the first 2 years of which are covered directly by Wain Homes.

  • Your Site Manager will arrange time to visit you.

We’ll leave you to settle into your new home and arrange a convenient time to visit you over the next few days.

Don't forget to share the excitement of your big day by sharing your photos and tagging us on social media.

SOME GOOD ADVICE: Arrange your telephone and broadband connection in advance and let us know your number. 

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