The journey from reservation to moving in


There are seven main steps along the buying journey that take you from reserving your home to moving in. We’re here to help you navigate the way, so you know what to expect when you get there.   

1. Making a reservation 

You’ve found the right home and you don’t want anyone else to make it theirs. It’s now time to make a reservation. Reserving a home secures it in your name, as long as you exchange contracts within the timescale we agree. 

At this stage we’ll confirm your details, house type, plot number and the reservation period. You’ll pay a reservation fee which we’ll take off the cost of your new home.   

And we’re here to help: 

  • Your Sales Executive can answer any questions or queries 
  • You’ll be given a New Home Guide containing everything you need to know about how the process works, and what happens at each key milestone in your journey. 


2. Going to your welcome meeting 

Your Sales Executive will arrange a welcome meeting with you and the Site Manager. This is usually 7-10 days after you make your reservation and is a good opportunity to ask any questions and see how your new home is progressing. 

The Site Manager will talk you through: 

  • Boundaries 
  • Site and property layouts 
  • Garden maintenance 
  • Site safety 
  • Follow up visits once you’ve moved into your new home 

Keeping you safe when you visit 

It's an exciting time and you may want to look at your home as we are building it. However, building sites are dangerous and are defined as "workplaces" in Health and Safety law. We are responsible for our developments and must not, by law, allow access to the general public.

Under no circumstances must you go on to the development without our prior agreement. We will do our best to make arrangements to give you access and provide you any necessary protective clothing, suitable footwear and other equipment you may need on our site. Children are not allowed in the "workplace" at any time.

On completion of your new home, we will provide you with the Health and Safety File for your home required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994.


3. Personalising your new home with options and extras 

This is the exciting bit when you can personalise what goes into the rooms to make it even more yours. Depending on where we are with building your new home, and usually before the roof goes on, your Sales Executive will let you know what choices and extras are available. These could include: 

  • Choosing your kitchen from a range of colours and styles, including worktops, handles and lighting 
  • Selecting from a range of upgrades to personalise your living space 
  • Choosing your bathroom tiles 
  • Organising your bedroom with fitted wardrobes 
  • Deciding if, and where, you’d like carpet or hard flooring 

We’ll arrange a date and time for you to see what’s available and make your selections. 

Some good advice: Make your choices as soon as you can. 


4. Exchanging contracts 

Your solicitor and our solicitor will now exchange contracts, making the terms of the contract legally binding.


5. Getting to completion 

At the start of your homebuying journey, we'll provide you with a 'build window' rather than a definite completion date because so many things can happen between now and then. But as time goes on, we can give you a more precise date. 

As we make progress with building your home, your Sales Executive will give you updates at key stages. 

Once your new home has been through our quality control process and received a Buildmark Cover Note from the NHBC, we’ll give you 10 days’ notice of the legal completion date. 

Some good advice about synching your dates: If you’re selling your current home, speak to your Sales Executive before you agree an exact date with your buyer. 


6. Home Demonstration 

Before moving in day we’ll invite you to meet the Site Manager and Sales Executive at your new home for a one to two-hour demonstration visit. This is when we show you how everything works in your new home.

If you’d like to measure up for things like carpets and curtains before the demonstration visit, your Sales Executive can arrange this. 


7. Moving in day 

Knowing what will happen, and when, can make moving day go as smoothly as possible. Here’s our good to know pieces of information to help you plan your side of things.  

Keys are usually handed over after midday. This gives the solicitors time to successfully arrange the transfer of funds. 

Your Sales Executive will arrange a time to collect your keys. This will be as soon as we’ve received the funds. 

Your Sales Executive will go with you to your new home. They’ll ask you to make sure you’re happy with important features like the kitchen units, worktops and sanitaryware. You’ll then sign your Key Release Form to say you’re happy with the condition of your home and we’ll hand you your keys. 

We’ll take all your meter readings. 

Your Sales Executive will talk you through your warranties. These are your Wain Homes 2-year warranty and NHBC 10-year warranty.  

Some good advice: Arrange your telephone connection in advance and let us know your number. 

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