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Wain Homes Locations & Developments

At Wain Homes, we have a range of new home developments up and down the country. From our new homes in Greater Manchester to our developments in Cornwall and Devon, we know you’ll find the right home for you.

We carefully consider each of our locations to ensure our developments cater fully to our residents’ needs. Whether it’s the transport links, the local schools or the green open spaces you can be sure we’ve thought of everything before we lay the first brick. So, if you want a new home in Bristol, are looking for a new build development in Blackpool or your dream home in the Ribble Valley, look no further than Wain Homes.

All our homes are energy efficient and insulated with the best modern materials

Our homes are designed around you, meaning you get control over some of the key design decisions

You can choose a new home in some fantastic locations all over the UK

We carefully consider each of our developments to enhance your quality of life


With a new build home from Wain Homes, you’ll be investing in a well-made new property as a new home for you and your family for years to come. All our homes are constructed using modern building techniques and with the highest quality materials, providing you with an energy efficient property that looks fantastic too. 

And at Wain Homes, we know it’s not just about your home, it’s about your lifestyle too. Whenever we select a new location for one of our developments, we choose the best possible spot to make sure that you can live your life to the fullest. We evaluate the local schools in the area, the green space on your doorstep, the local and regional transport links, plus the best attractions in the local vicinity. Everything we do is to ensure we develop the highest quality new homes in the locations we know you’ll love.

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Whether you’re a first time buyer, a second stepper or you’re looking for your forever home, you can choose the perfect property in the ideal location with Wain Homes. By clicking on the different locations below you can discover our stunning new developments spread right across the country. And if you’re moving to a new area or you’re making a new home just around the corner, simply get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities for your new property.